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☯English: Hi! Flowey-chan wants to be noticed by Frisk-senpai by HappyMahogany! I'm TIXIXX! but my real name is Tiziana, I'm from Argentina and I don't believe in any religion/belief, I'm Atheist (but of course I respect them :) ), so Welcome to my DeviantArt page ^^! Glad to see you here :), have a nice day!

☯Español/castellano: Hola Flowey-chan wants to be noticed by Frisk-senpai by HappyMahogany ! soy TIXIXX! pero mi nombre real es Tiziana, soy de Argentina y no creo en ninguna religión/creencia religiosa, soy Atea (pero por supuesto que las respeto :) ), así que bienvenido/a a mi página de DeviantArt ^^, que bueno verte por aquí :), ten un buen día!

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HoI! I kinda decided to write a journal with some facts about PainlyTale, mostly because there are some facts that won't appear in the comics or not really explicit, so let the facts begin!

  • I said this in my last drawing, but still, PainlyTale characters (Frisk, Chara, Sans, Undyne etc..)  celebrate their birthdays the same day I created them, for example, Frisk and Chara:  Chara And Frisk (from PainlyTale MY AU) by TIXIXX : October 29. It would be the day they were born ;) (Wink). Actually, let me put you all their birthdays in order from the beginning (you know, from when I created them xD) :
PainlyTale Sans ( READ DESCRIPTION ) by TIXIXXSans: September 11

PainlyTale Asriel and Flowey ( my AU OCs ) by TIXIXXAsriel and Flowey: October 26
Chara And Frisk (from PainlyTale MY AU) by TIXIXXFrisk and Chara: October 29
Mettaton ( from my AU PainlyTale ) by TIXIXXMettaton/Hapstablook: November 16
PainlyTale Toriel by TIXIXXToriel: December 16
PainlyTale Undyne by TIXIXXUndyne: January 14
Alphys (PainlyTale)  by TIXIXXAlphys: February 19
PainlyTale Gaster by TIXIXXGaster: February 24
PainlyTale Asgore by TIXIXXAsgore: March 1
PainlyTale Monster KID Temmie and Blooky by TIXIXXMonster Kid, Temmie and Napstablook: March 1
Painlytale Muffet by TIXIXXMuffet: March 1
Painlytale Burgerpants and Grillby by TIXIXXGrillby and "Camera Guy" (no burgerpants, not here xD): March 2
PainlyTale Papyrus by TIXIXXTHE GREAT PAPYRUS!: March 2
PainlyTale Catty and Bratty by TIXIXXCatty and Bratty: March 2
Helen (collab) by TIXIXXHelen: March 18
PainlyTale! Juraki's Reference (Aplhyne fan child) by TIXIXXJURAKI: September 6

PainlyTale Rukiu's reference (Friskriel fan child) by TIXIXXRukiu: September 13
PainlyTale Seki reference (Shara/Chans fan-child) by TIXIXXSeki: September 14 
PainlyTale!Zukie and Yoki (Mettaffet fan-children) by TIXIXX Zukie and Yoki: September 20
  • The Ruins' doors are NOT the same as the ones you've seen in PainlyTale Chara's Story, let me explain you that ;) (Wink): a long ago, this door wasn't necessary at the Ruins' entrance, buuut, since Asgore trapped Asriel and Flowey in that magic jail you've seen in the first pages of PainlyTale Pacifist Route, Asgore decided to put a door, so no-one could enter, it can't be opened from the outside (Ruins' side) anymore, so there's no come back to the hole after you pass that door.
  • ok, kind of a little spoiler, Undyne lost her parents when she was a teen. Monster kid HAS parents, it's just that they won't appear, but don't worry, they exist xD. But now, if we talk about Alphys, no-one knows about her family or past a baby, she was just found by Gaster, and he kinda adopted her as his little pupil and...half daughter :3
  • Asriel and Flowey are two DIFFERENT things, maybe to don't confuse, two DIFFERENT "monsters" but fused in one body (just that Asriel has basically full control), I had to say this because I've just planed some drawings with Flowey and...I didn't want to confuse you xD, still, if you're kinda confused about this fact (because I know it, there's actually maaaany information about these two that you still don't know Gonna buy? ) you'll don't have to worry much, because soon, as the main comic continues, you'll understand all,  IIII promiseFlowey icon 8 
  • When pain eyes are completely erased from someone they won't come back (this will be actually explained one day but...still Toriel disapproves ) 
  • All those "ghost Chara" you've seen in PainlyTale Pacifist Route comic are well, as the name says "ghosts", Chara's body is still in the VOID (for now), but she can interact in the real world by these "ghosts" or "holograms", that can't be done without her Pain Eye. 
  • Toriel wasn't always like....that xD, she really gave their children freedom to go outside and anywhere they wanted if it was kinda near and safe, but when she lost some of the fallen children because of problems related to this fact she changed her mind, she didn't want to lose more children so... that's why Frisk is dealing with that problem XD, and also, Toriel accepted to let her go in Snowdin mostly because of this, she still wants to be the mother she was once...(and she is pretty near her so Creepy stare )
  • PainlyTale Sans is a way powerful than the original, in fact, he may lost his arm and leg, but it gave him more health and power Sans Chat Icon 2  at least now he has 100/100 When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) no more instant one-hit kill LazyIcon I wanna use - 8 FLOWEY ...unless you brake his main power...his arm and leg which keep him like that and...alive basically OwO...but it won't happen in a comic, NEVER c: Ni is too Small to Claim! My Face Intensifies 
Update 1:
  • (int this AU) How monsters grow while being a baby/kid/teen is basically the same as the humans', but once they get adult (actually from 18 forward) they can live "longer", they prolongue their life basically, to make it more clear I'll take an example, Asriel has 13, when he'll get in his 40's he'll still look like ,dunno, a 20 old year person (or to say, younger) because he won't actually get old at that age, he'll still be young. Now, this doesn't mean they can live forever, they just live longer than a human starting from the 18 years old. (a normal monster should live 1.000 years) ...better to don't have human friends xD... or human loves OwO
  • Something about Chara's attack mode (while being in the void having her pain eye etc...), she can use your mind and your worst memories to end with you, making you live them again, she can interact there too, adding new "things" to that memory, but if she uses a memory where you've been hit in any way, the damage won't show in your body, everything's happening in your "mind", the one receiving the hits is your mind, so there may be blood falling from your head, nose and mouth, that means that your body, mind and soul it's starting to colapse inside. So that's how she'll end up killing you 
OK, for now I'll just write these facts, if I get more ideas and remember some things I'll write them here and update ;) (Wink) 
BoI! thanks for reading  :happybounce: !


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